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Hours and Admission

Open: Every Day
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
No Entrance Fee

Dear Visitors,

The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is free and open to the public during normal park hours, which is dawn to dusk. It is a demonstration garden exhibiting drought-tolerant plants, mostly local California natives, and is a certified nature habitat. It was created and is maintained solely by volunteers, and is a teaching tool whose purpose is to promote MBBG's mission of resource and wildlife conservation education.


We encourage activities and gatherings consistent with the mission.

Visitor Etiquette 

The garden, including the benches, meditation garden deck and amphitheater may be used on a first come first serve basis by individuals and small groups. Please keep group activities to 90 minutes or less in order to allow others a turn. All our guests are expected to show reasonable care for signage, structures, paths, vegetation, and wildlife. Please pick up any trash and be prepared to take it with you when you leave.

Reservation Policy

THE GARDEN MAY NOT BE RESERVED FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES OR WEDDINGS, but may be reserved for other special community functions with advance notice. A fee of $100.00/hour is required (donations are gratefully accepted as well), however reservations are accepted and fees waived at the discretion of the MBBG board of directors. Formal classes and events promoting awareness of MBBG, fundraisers benefiting MBBG or promoting its mission, and celebrations or recognition events related to our mission of resource and wildlife conservation education are encouraged. A qualified MBBG volunteer will attend and oversee reserved events.
  • Alcohol: Those wishing to serve alcohol must obtain an exception permit from the City of Manhattan Beach. Such permits may or may not be granted.

  • Music: Amplified sound also requires a permit from the City of Manhattan Beach.

Please be respectful of the Garden's peaceful ambiance and sensitive wildlife.

Note: The Garden's appearance is ever changing with the seasons. Those wishing to reserve in late summer or fall (August - October) should be aware that most of the plants in the Garden are in a dormant, dry state and will not be flowering. As the season's change, dry seed heads are left on plants for wildlife consumption and for self seeding of next year. Leaves are intentionally not raked up, rather left on the ground as natural mulch. Once the first rains of the season fall, generally in November, things begin to turn green again.


  • E-mail: Click here

  • Phone: leave a message with Julie at 310 546-1354

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