Board of Directors and Advisors 


Charlotte Marshall  (President, PR)

Julie Gonella  (Vice President, Garden Maintenance Director, Website, Membership) 

Martha Andreani (Secretary, Classes)
Roy Gonella  (Treasurer)

Mimi Andersen (Garden Maintenance Director, Blog master)
Cheryll Lynn (Maintenance Director)
Gretchen Renshaw (horticulture instructor )
Mike Garcia (Enviroscape)
Dave Harris (Rotary Club)
Sylvia Rayner
Kathy Barron (retired science teacher)
Jill Brunkhardt (Chevron Liason) 
Jan Buike and Dana Murray (City of Manhattan Beach Liaisons)

Melanie Baer-Keeley (Horticulturist Specializing in CA Native Plants, Sequoia National Park Employee)

Tony Baker (Horticulturist Specializing in CA Native Plants, Landscaper)

Louie Gamino (Registered Consulting Arborist for Enviroscape LA)

David Moody (Naturalist, Birder)

Lisa Ryder Moore (Composting, Worm Bin Specialist for Waste Management)

Andrew Pedersen (Entomologist)

Bob Shanman (LA Audubon Society Board Member, Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store Owner)


Friday Volunteer Directors: Mimi Andersen, Julie Gonella, Cheryll Lynn

Large Jobs: Mike Garcia and Enviroscape

Mulch Delivery: Dave's Tree Service

Bird Feeder, Entry Display Case and Interpretive Sign Upkeep: Edie Merrifield


Bird Seed and Feeders: Bob Shanman of Wild Birds Unlimited

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